Saturday, January 24, 2009

A new era!

3 days as president, and we've already seen a huge difference in policy and leadership. I can't even believe it, being an Obama supporter, how quickly things are changing in US national politics. First Gitmo, then international abortion and family planning funding, now he's even restricting lobbyists in Washington (sort of)!

What is this, the coming new age? If indeed this is just the beginning of a new transparency to our government, its none too soon. Calls from the Republican side of the hall are not only hallow, but show themselves to come from the greedy whores of power that they are.

I just hope the stimulus plan works well, and will lead to future infrastructure developments that help free us from the shackles of the car.

Oh yeah, we've got Hillary on our side too. Everything seems like a dream right now, besides the still-failing economy, my own unemployment...

Oh, and the crowds:

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