Saturday, January 24, 2009

In other news...

We have the big Sam Adams sex scandal. Anyone got a good name for it yet? Please, refrain from anything ending in "gate," I think we all have had our fill of Nixon for a few lifetimes now.

Anywho, it turns out that Adams did have a sexual relationship with an 18-year old Beau Breedlove (whose parents clearly failed in the creative writing department) in 2005. Or, at least we hope he was 18, since in Prudish Portland (and the state of Oregon) the age of consent is 18. Interestingly, mere miles away, in Washington state, the age is 16. Hmmm!

Sam of course was caught in his lie by the ever-vigilant Willamette Week reporter Nigel Jacquiss, and has been 'investigating' the story for the past 16 months. In 2007 during the mayoral race, rival candidate Bob Ball brought up the rumor that Adams had broken the law by sleeping with a 17 year old. Personally, if someone was running a smear campaign against me of this nature, I would naturally tell them to fuck off. Unfortunately, Sam vehemently denied it, claiming instead that their relationship was platonic.

Mere weeks into Sam's mayorship of Portland, this comes as quite a shock to many. The lie, of course - most Portlanders knew that Sam was gay; he is in fact the first openly gay mayor of any big city in US history. However, the "breach of trust" in which many are calling for his immediate resignation (so that their preferred candidate can assume office??) was not exactly something that I find that surprising.

I mean, we are talking about the dirt-digging Willamette Week, Portland Mercury, and just idiotic Oregonian. He wasn't under oath, and many allege that Breedlove was indeed 18 at the time. Do these news organizations, or anyone, really have the right to know about someone's sex life?

Of course, this must all be balanced with the loss of the community's trust. It certainly isn't a great start off for his mayoral career, but at least it IS in the open now and not later. It did take some convincing for him to come out with it, but...

hmm, where should I take this?

I think some healing will occur in the future. He's still Sam - nothing about him has changed, he's still the same guy. Many of the other community leaders are also openly supporting him, as I think they should. In fact, I find it a bit offensive at the harsh rhetoric coming from the public in general at the guy.

I guess I just make exceptions to lies regarding ones personal life. Is it really our business? How does accounting have anything to do with whose mouth, vagina, or anus you put your penis into? Really?

I elected the guy to get a job done, not to know about the details of his sex life. Sure, he's gay, but isn't that the point? That we don't care about these things? (for the record, I am a straight white male)

I believe Americans just can't handle anything about sex - we're so squeamish, its shameful!

edit - even the nytimes is reporting on it.

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