Wednesday, December 19, 2007

EPA Trumps California's emissions rules

Including 16 other states that had adopted it, such as New York and Oregon. The new smackdown by EPA administrator Stephen L. Johnson states that no state can impose its own gas mileage regulations to combat greenhouse gas emissions:

The emissions standards California proposed in 2004 — but never approved by the federal government — would have forced automakers to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent in new cars and light trucks by 2016, with the cutbacks to begin in 2009 models.

That would have translated into roughly 43 miles per gallon for cars and some light trucks and about 27 miles per gallon for heavier trucks and sport utility vehicles.

I think we also just heard a lot of shit hitting a very big fan, which will likely be cleaned up with one of the largest lawsuits in American History.

To quite Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, “It is disappointing that the federal government is standing in our way and ignoring the will of tens of millions of people across the nation.”

And I completely agree. The Bush administration, though in its final throes of its 8-year lifespan, just continues to keep on giving to the American people.

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