Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A great speech

One of the strongest, most powerful running speeches I have heard - probably since Clinton.

He offers an excellent rundown of the issues he is focusing on:

  • withdrawal from Iraq
  • healthcare for Americans
  • climate change
  • dependency on oil
  • rolling back bush's support of torture and the chiselling away of our civil rights
  • cooperative leadership

But his progressive, not reactive, stance is exactly the kind of leadership the Democratic party needs - nothing from Hillary or any other Democrats over the past 7 years has filled me with any confidence that we would be able to think itself out of a paper bag, let alone outmaneuver Bush or any other Republican.

No, Obama offers the promise - and displays it well on stage and in many interviews - of his unrelenting passion and pursuit of what is right and needs to be done (ie, 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emission). I believe Hillary has just taken the wrong boat in the wrong direction in her adoption of the Bush Administration's policy stance.

Many have argued that his lack of experience in politics makes other candidates better qualified... but in fact I believe that not only does his record refute the charge that he is incapable of leadership, but that he will bring a freshness to our party that is currently decaying and withering away. The Democratic party has just been hunkering down and moving to the Right as it has been capitulating to Bush and the Republicans.

Anyways, now that the House and Senate are both majority Democrats, why do we need to follow the lead - or even compromise - with the right-wing wackos? We'll have control over the House, Senate, and presidency - sounds like a slam-dunk win for the American public to me.

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