Saturday, September 8, 2007

time to scoot

Yaaah! It's that time of year again: school's coming up and summer is coming to an end; the perfect time to tune up my scooter!

Although not exactly something I look forward to doing, it can be a bit of fun - as long as I don't break anything or cut/smash/jam any digits too badly. There's also the issue of not having the right tools or liquids, which I might run into. Then there's the issue of the scooter sporting a customized performance engine. woohoo!

Although I was able to successfully rebuild the engine on my old Honda Civic, the last time I worked on my scooter, the speedometer wasn't working when I put it back together! Hopefully I'll have better luck this time...

  • change air filter
  • change spark plug
  • lubricate stuff
  • check tires
  • reduce oil flow to engine
  • fix speedometer
  • clean engine
  • wash & wax!

and finally, the directions to the Honda motorcycle parts dealer, Beaverton Motorcycles:

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