Tuesday, May 1, 2007


So, it's been war in the Taggart household for the past week or so. Since the initial sighting of a mouse hunting for food scraps around the floor in the kitchen has turned into a full-fledged insurgency: I have spotted no fewer than three mice perusing the countertop in the kitchen. Hiding behind blenders, cutting boards, and dirty dishes, a long time passed before anyone noticed we had an infestation.

Myself, on the other hand, see mice almost every time I go into the kitchen - especially when I get home late at night from school! Things took a turn for our side, however, when two days ago I was able to nab one of the suckers after I caught him hanging out in the bathroom. After shutting the door and cramming the rug underneath the door, I grabbed the toilet plunger and, after chasing him all around the tiny space, was able to catch him under it. Picked him up with a piece of cardboard, and dropped him in a deep bucket.

However, with fears of hantavirus and the idea of putting the little enemy combatant to death seemed a bit extreme (particularly considering my own views on Gitmo), I decided to give him a little trip around the 'hood. After letting him go several blocks away (and across a busy street), I'm sure he's quite happy in his new home. Until the neighbors let their cats out, of course...

Mice: 8
Humans: 1